Let’s Place the Needs of People with Breast Cancer at the heart of Europe.​

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women.
1 in 11 European women are likely to develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

Frances Fitzgerald


Chair of Transforming
Breast Cancer Together

Breast cancer has an impact on every aspect of a patient’s personal and professional life, as well as those of their families, and society as a whole. It is not only a devastating diagnosis, but also has socio-economic effects that need to be addressed. We must invest more in breast cancer prevention, treatment and care in Europe. We are committed to this goal and to achieving progress now.”

Better Breast Cancer Care for A Better Life

While screening and treatments have improved, breast cancer remains a serious threat to people, families, and European society. With this in mind, TBCT launches its Call to Action – Better Breast Cancer Care for a Better Life, highlighting the importance of timely implementation of the European Commission’s Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. A better quality of care would benefit the quality of life and recovery of normalcy in patients’ lives.

Transforming Breast Cancer Together is an initiative launched in 2017 that brings together policymakers, patient organisations, professional organisations and companies committed to raising awareness of the daily realities of living with breast cancer.

We need to:

Invest in both primary and secondary prevention

Support health professionals in improving patient-centred communication

Implement nationwide screening programmes

Improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of patients and their families

Ensure that all diagnosed with early and advanced / metastatic breast cancer have equal access to treatments


Harmonize the breast cancer registry process in Europe for collecting breast cancer data

Support patients with relapsed and advanced breast cancer

Maintain a favourable R&D environment for innovative health technologies for breast cancer

Raise awareness on the unmet needs and realities of living and working with breast cancer

Elevate breast cancer as a health policy priority to improve its prevention, diagnosis and care across Europe


TBCT Statement EHDS / Digital Health 

The Transforming Breast Cancer Together initiative (TBCT) believes that cancer care would benefit from the effective exploitation of the momentum of digitalisation and enhanced access

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about us

The initiative was launched following an event hosted in the European Parliament in November 2017 and since then has brought together a number of policymakers and organisations deeply committed to cancer care with an aim to increase the understanding of the daily realities of living with early and advanced breast cancer in Europe and ensure that policymaking reflects both the individual and the societal disease burden. These aims serve as an inspiration and the driving force of the Transforming Breast Cancer Together initiative. Through publications, advocacy work and events, the initiative contributes to increased recognition of the challenges posed by breast cancer. Patient empowerment and cancer patients’ needs are at the centre of all the activities implemented by the group.

In 2018, the group successfully launched the concept of the ‘Strings of Pearls’, which represents all involved stakeholders’ commitment to contribute to at least one activity per month to raise awareness and improve breast cancer care in Europe.  

TBCT is a multi-stakeholder coalition open to stakeholders focused on the field of breast cancer. Its work is enabled by in-kind contributions of all members and funding from its corporate members. The objectives and decisions of TBCT are taken by all members collegially and with full independence.
FTI Consulting acts as the Secretariat of TBCT.


Disclaimer: We will be happy to provide further information on TBCT or any of the materials that are posted on this website. Neither the TBCT secretariat nor any TBCT members can give clinical or other treatment advice through this website. This website is not a channel for the reporting adverse events or side effects that might arise from a treatment used by a patient. If you, or someone you care for, is affected by anything that may be an adverse event or side effect, please refer to your/their physician, pharmacist or other healthcare professional immediately, they will help you  contact the relevant healthcare companies as necessary.