Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021

To mark breast cancer awareness month, Transforming Breast Cancer Together launched a series of short video messages to patients, EU policymakers and all stakeholders in the breast cancer community to highlight key challenges and opportunities in addressing the shortcomings in breast cancer care in the EU.

Alina Comănescu, Asociatia Sanatate pentru Comunitate

Dr. Fatima Cardoso, Chair of ABC Global Alliance

Carole Terrasanta, Medical Affairs Manager Helsinn Group

Lamis Chahoud, Novartis Market Access & Public Affairs Head SERCE

Frances Fitzgerald, Member of the European Parliament

Teresa Graham, Head Global Product Strategy at Roche

Barbara Wilson, Founder & Director at Working With Cancer

Dr Isabel Rubio, Head of Breast Surgical Oncology at Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Spain; ESOMA President and ESSO President-elect

Barbara Klein – Communications Officer, DONNA – the European Breast Cancer Coalition

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