Right to work of people living with cancer  

On International Workers Day, Transforming Breast Cancer Together (TBCT) recognises the right to work of people living with cancer, survivors, and those contemplating a return to work following the diagnosis. The right to work is a fundamental right and essential for every individual’s well-being and dignity. The ability to work provides financial stability, social inclusion, and a sense of purpose.  

50% of cancer patients are afraid to tell their employer about their diagnosis, despite 92% feeling that support at work positively impacts their health.1 Employers have a critical role to play in ensuring that people with cancer are not discriminated against in the workplace and need to provide the appropriate setting to help individuals with cancer fulfil their job responsibilities. 

On this International Workers Day, TBCT stands in solidarity with people with cancer and survivors and supports the work of Working with Cancer. TBCT reaffirms its commitment to advocating for their right to find, maintain and return to work and urges EU policymakers to take steps to eliminate discrimination against people with cancer in the workplace and to promote the full participation of all individuals in the labour market.  

To improve the quality of life of those living with breast cancer and survivors, TBCT calls on the European Institutions to implement legislation protecting breast cancer patients’ right to work and access to financial services, such as the right to be forgotten in the Consumer Credit Directive. 

For more information on TBCT Call to Action, please follow this link

For more information on the Working with Cancer Pledge, follow this link

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